The school is the second home of the students. The teachers must take care of the students as their own children and work for their betterment and success. We should respect and keep the rules, for they are the ones which help us to have a pleasant and harmonious social life and thus maintain order in our lives.



Innovative practice

The following teachers actively participated in the capacity building training programme at various centres on various dates in 2018-19.

  1. Ambily C D participated the 2 days training programme on the topic Co-Education held at Choice Public School, Tripunithura.
  2. Sivapriya C N attended the 2 days programme held at Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Tripunithura on the topic Inclusive education
  3. Sulaikha K P participated the 2 days programme on the topic Classroom Management held at Kendriya Vidyalaya, Tripunithura

PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is the most effective body in supporting the school in all the activities. It iron out the differences among the staff and students and helps the school to create a better atmosphere for the students for learning. Better interaction with staff and management thereby to develop a good rapport with all the stakeholders. They also play a vital role in decision making about the future development of the school. We have a PTA Executive panel which is formed by electing members from the general PTA.

In order to promote interest in science we had conducted science activities for various classes. As a part of learning science, students had made still models based on biology-animal cell model, plant cell models & amoeba. Students of class X made working models of stomata. Besides this science quiz competition for various classes were also conducted. Celebrating National Science Day, and remembering famous scientists is also part of the programme.

Innovative strategies for inculcating habit of Reading among children.

To encourage reading habit among children, they are asked to daily newspaper and discuss the main news headlines. They are also asked:

  1. The summary of story they read
  2. Story writing for classes 5-7
  3. Poem writing
  4. Essay writing.

In addition to this, there is also a reading period weekly. During this period they are asked to read books, ask questions, and discussion on various topics is conducted.


NCERT books.