School Circular


Circular 01/hkps/20-21
It was decided to conduct the class onlin4e for all the classes.

Circular 02/ hkps/20-21
Teachers were informed to conduct Environmental Day quiz, drawing competition, and essay writing
competition etc. online.

Circular 03/hkps/20-21
To conduct International Yoga Day online.

Circular 04/hkps/20-21
Teachers were instructed to conduct the classes as per the following time table
Class 1-5 One class per day 30 minutes duration + offline activities
Class 6-8 Two classes per day with 40 minutes duration+ offline activities
Class 9-10 Four classes per day with 45 minutes duration + offline activities

Circular 05/hkps/20-21
It was decided to conduct PTA meeting online class by class from 19/07/20 class 9, 10 & 1, 20/07/20 class 2,5 &
7, 21/07/20 class 6, 22/07/20 class 3, 23/07/20 class 4, 24/07/20 class 8

Circular 06/hkps/20-21
Teachers were also instructed to conduct assessments of students of student’s academic as well as co-
curricular, attitudinal. Behavioral assessments.

Circular 07/hkps/20-21
Teachers were instructed to conduct a survey regarding online classes from the parents.